Dejana Vasić, our third SubBIOCODE internship recipient, has finished her stay in Ljubljana. Here she focused on the research of range sizes and conservation issues of selected aquatic taxa that occur in the Trebišnjica river catchment. Her work included preparation of the occurrence data for the selected taxa, and arranging data on some of the caves with exceptionally high biodiversity, which will be needed for preparation of the documents for promotion and better protection of the subterranean species and habitats in the area. During the internship, she improved her skills in data management and GIS analyses and got acquainted with the work in the molecular laboratory and fieldwork in caves. She was included in the everyday work of the SubBioLab, where she got to know our ongoing research and various projects. She  presented her work to other team members at one of the SubBioLab’s meetings.

 Dejana, preparing the samples for the amplification of the COI marker.

Dejana presented her activities during the internship at the meeting of the SubBioLab research group.

It was a pleasure working with Dejana, as she was very dedicated and acquired the necessary skills very quickly. The extension of her internship will be her master thesis, related to analyses of the range sizes and biodiversity, and she will participate with  a presentation  at the Third Dinaric Symposium. Our goodbye was not for long as we shall meet soon at a student workshop in Trebinje on the weekend 18.-20.3. Hopefully, our collaboration will be long-lasting and fruitful.

An evening farewell drink.

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