On the 24th of January, as part of the SubBIOCODE internship, our team used the opportunity to visit Planinska cave and two springs near Podpeško lake. The reason for this visit is to demonstrate to Miroslav and Džana new techniques of sampling.

In Planinska cave we saw many fascinating species, such as Titanethes sp., Lithobius stygiusTroglocaris sp., Proteus anguinusNiphagus spand Asellus sp. In this cave, our interns had the opportunity to learn how to set live-catching traps.

At the springs near Podpeško lake, Miroslav and Džana had the chance to learn the proper method and procedure of how to sample water animals. At these springs, we saw many interesting taxa, including Niphargus sp., Monolistra sp., Salamandra Salamandra, and specimens from the Hydrobiidae family.

Article written by: Džana Kuna

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