A new gastropod species was found in one of Trebinje’s springs! The discovery was published in the article “Four new hydrobiid species from Bosnia-Herzegovina (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Hydrobiidae)”, written by Peter Glöer and Jasminko Mulaomerovič from Centar za krš i speleologiju.

The new species Belgrandiella kurtovici is named after a caver from Trebinje’s speleological society Zelena Brda, Dubravko Kurtović. It was found in the spring near the Karamehmedovića cemetery in Trebinje during a student workshop on snails of the family Hydrobiidae in 2020.

New to science: 5, 6. Bythiospeum dervovici, 7. Belgrandiella bajraktarevici, 8. Belgrandiella kurtovici and 9, 10. Islamia buturovici (Picture from Glöer and Mulaomerović 2021).

Moreover, the sampling in the spring of Drenovnik during the SubBIOCODE expedition in March 2021 yielded the discovery of a new species for Bosnia and Herzegovina – Docleiana tabanensis. The finding was published in March number of CKS newsletter.

These findings show that we still do not have complete knowledge of subterranean biodiversity. Each effort to improve it is important, contributing significantly to a better understanding of the cave fauna.

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