Species identification within the hotspot is possible only through collaboration with taxonomy specialists, who helped us with the morphological determination of collected specimens. Therefore, we are sincerely grateful for unselfish help to dr. Patrick Martin from the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Belgium (determination of Oligochaeta), dr. Tone Novak and dr. Peter Kozel from Slovenia (Opiliones), dr. Dragan Antić from the University of Belgrade, Serbia (Diplopods), dr. Anton Brancelj from the National Institute of Biology, Slovenia (Copepods), dr. Martina Pavlek from the Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia (spiders), dr. Florian Malard from the Claude Bernard University, France (Isopods genus Proasellus) and Peter Hlavač from the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Pselaphidae beetles). 

Establishing these contacts is not only important to acquire accurate taxonomic determinations, but also to develop a network of specialists who will be able to execute taxonomic research or revisions. This will facilitate the conservation of subterranean sites in the Trebišnjica drainage. With morphological and molecular data at hand, it is already becoming clear that some of the specimens sampled represent morphologically undefinable, so called, cryptic species. They could possibly represent completely new, yet undescribed, species for science.

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