Members of the Center for Karst and Speleology went to sample the aquatic subterranean fauna on 29.1.2021 at two localities, the cave Tučevac and the cave Vruljak (at the entrance Vruljak 1) near Trebinje. We were unfortunately not able to enter any of the caves, due to recent high rainfalls and melting of snow. However, high water level revealed “new” springs, which are usually hardly visible due to dense vegetation. We expect that such hydrological conditions will be present for at least one more month. When talking to the locals, we found out the water level was even higher in days before our visit. Also large parts of the Popovo polje after the Trebinjska šuma (Trebinje woods) has been flooded.

The spring Tučevac in the village Dražin Do, which is active only during high water levels.
Entrance to the cave Tučevac in the village Dražin Do. During our previous visit in September 2020, the water level was about 6 m lower.
Northeastern part of the Popovo polje near the village Dračevo. The remains of the special old mill can be seen – the mill that used the power of water emerging to the surface or retreating back to the underground.

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