Project SubBIOCODE was presented at the student workshop on snails of the family Hydrobiidae, held on the weekend 18th/19th July 2020 in Trebinje. The workshop was organised as part of a new project, called  Distribution, population and status of threats to the biodiversity of freshwater snails, financed by CEPF and led by Center for Karst and Speleology (CKS). The workshop was attended by 15 participants (students from Sarajevo, Zavidovići, Vareš and project team members). Besides presentations on the family of small spring snails of the family Hydrobiidae, and on conducting the field work, also CKS, CEPF and CEPF projects in the „Hotspots of biodiversity of the Mediterranean area“ were presented. Special attention was given to the project SubBIOCODE, which shall involve many of these students. During two field work excursions to the springs near the river Trebišnjica, spring snails, but also amphipods interesting for the project SubBIOCODE were collected. In Trebinje, we met with the cavers of the caving club „Zelena brda“, and discussed future collaborations within both projects. We visited the cave Vjetrenica, which presents one of the most important hotspots in subterranean biodiversity in the world.

A report on new discoveries of freshwater snails in BIH and the workshop held in Trebinje, was published on 29.7.2020, on the pages of the web magazine Start. It includes also the mention of the SubBIOCODE project:

Jasminko Mulaomerović presented the project SubBIOCODE at the workshop.
Participants at practical presentation of field work methods at springs. Besides snails, they collected also other animals, interesting for project SubBIOCODE.
Participants at the workshop of the project Distribution, population and status of threats to the biodiversity of freshwater snails, led by CKS. Many of them will be included in the project SubBIOCODE, where they will use also the knowledge gained at the workshop.

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