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We are pleased to announce two internships in subterranean biology!

As part of the SubBIOCODE project, we are offering  a great opportunity to highly motivated students, early-career scientists or nature conservation researchers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, to visit SubBioLab in January 2022 and gain skills in various topics of subterranean biology research needed in conservation: conducting the fieldwork, taxonomy training for the selected taxa, analysing biodiversity patterns, performing molecular analyses and studying ecology of subterranean fauna.

What is it all about?

The primary objective of the internship is to educate and train the selected candidate in various aspects of speleobiology. The program may include the following topics:

  • fieldwork in caves and becoming acquainted with various sampling techniques in practice;
  • identification of selected taxonomic groups, with deepening of taxonomic knowledge;
  • basic molecular techniques in the laboratory and phylogenetic analyzes;
  • databases, species distribution mapping with GIS and spatial analyzes;
  • combining knowledge of species distributions and planning conservation strategies.

We propose the program outlined above, but are happy to adapt the program to the candidate’s interests. The candidate will be involved in tasks within the SubBIOCODE project, therefore many examples will relate to the project’s focus area – the Trebišnjica river catchment in SE Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Why should you apply?

The aim of the course is to acquire skills for working in subterranean biology. The training program is hands-on oriented and the student will be introduced to the latest research methods applicable in various fields of biology. The techniques learned are widely used in biology in general, and can provide you with a good starting point for your future career.

During a personal visit to the SubBioLab, you will meet professionals with rich experience in the study of the Dinaric subterranean fauna and have the opportunity to expand your professional network.

When and where?

The internship will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, at the premises of SubBioLab – a research group within the Department of Biology, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana. The internship is scheduled to start in January 2022 and will last one month, but some flexibility is possible.


All the costs of the internship, including your accommodation in Ljubljana, are covered within the SubBIOCODE project.


  • Citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina; candidates coming from or living close to the project’s region (Trebišnjica river catchment in Southeast BIH) are preferred. 
  • High motivation and interest in the offered topics
  • Preferably past education in biology or similar
  • Interest in subterranean biology
  • At least basic knowledge of the English language

How to apply

Send your application in English or in your native language to subbiocode@gmail.com. The application should include: record of your education, the CV and a short letter of motivation explaining interests and expectations for the internship. The application deadline is 25th November 2021!

Applications will be reviewed by the 30th November 2021, and some applicants may be invited for an online interview.

The projects supporting the internship

The internship is facilitated by the project SubBIOCODE – “Developing new tools for rapid assessment of subterranean biodiversity in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, funded by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund. The project aims to improve the compilation and accessibility of data on subterranean species, implement molecular approaches for faster identification of species, set priorities for conservation priorities and increase the skills of conservationists in the Trebišnjica river catchment in Southeastern BIH. Read more about the project here.

About us

All the details about the hosting laboratory – SubBioLab, can be found at https://www.subbio.net/ or https://www.facebook.com/subbiolab.slovenia

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